First reviews of Black Butterfly and Blues for Tahrir, in Midwest Jazz Record 

First reviews of Black Butterfly and Blues for Tahrir, in Midwest Jazz Record:


GILLIAN MARGOT/Black Butterfly: Jeremy Pelt brings his trumpet to the producer’s chair and turns in a stunning debut by a jazz vocalist who sounds like she has chops that must have been related to a civil rights era jazz/soul singer to be this on the natch. Properly supported by a crew that’s the bubbling under A team of New York jazz, this after hours flavored vocal set is a real charmer. Margot knows her stuff and how to roll it out in fine style. A clear cut winner throughout that’s a cut above throughout.



TODD MARCUS JAZZ ORCHESTRA/Blues for Tahrir: What an interesting transduction. Marcus draws upon his Egyptian roots to create civil rights era, big band jazz for the Arab spring generation. It might sound confusing, but this nine piece big band makes it all work behind his clarinet work that sounds like anything but toodling. This cat knows his stuff way to well and does an interesting turnabout wherein his world jazz is something that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world instead of just being an euphemism for ethnic music. Sitting down, arty listening jazz for sure, but what a way to be riveted to your seat as the work unfolds. Killer stuff. 10013

Todd Marcus CD Tour

The new Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra album comes out this Month and the band will do a five day east coast tour.

May 14 – Chris’ Jazz Cafe (Philly)
May 15 – Bohemian Caverns (DC)
May 16 – Jazzway 6004 (Baltimore)
May 17 – Trumpets Jazz CLub (NJ)
May 18 – ShapeShifter Lab (NY)